3 Affordable Handmade Kitchen Tables Perfect For Your Lifestyle

For someone who loves to cook, nothing brings more joy than having your own kitchen. Now it’s time to fill those empty spaces with furniture. There are a lot of options to choose from, and you want to look into what type of furniture you really need. The handmade pieces are more costly than mass produced pieces but are definitely more durable. If you have it in your budget, it’s better to go for the handmade since the benefits are endless.


Let’s start with the basics. The dining table plays an important role in the kitchen. You must research carefully on the dining table that would fit your lifestyle. There are a lot of tables that look great yet made with low-quality wood. People who made unfortunate purchases found out that despite the low cost, it will only last for a short period of time.

For your kitchen’s decorative design, you can always choose from styles like contemporary, old world European, retro, or other styles. Choosing a kitchen table will set the tone of any kitchen, so you have to choose carefully. Countertops and cabinets also play a major role, but these pieces are fixed. These elements are seldom changed, and designs are mostly conservative. Your kitchen’s style can be taken to a whole new level if you know what table will work best with it.

Tables come in basic shapes, sizes, and types. For every type, there are also different decorative styles. Handmade tables are available in almost all types of wood, color, and finish. Some tables may be sold with chairs, but don’t be afraid to mix and match. A farmhouse-type of kitchen can have black Windsor chairs paired with a pine table. Meanwhile, an industrial-looking kitchen may incorporate metal stools and a bar-height table.

A hand crafted furniture can withstand the wear and tear of your daily kitchen activities because it is made from quality wood. This handmade kitchen table will last for a very long time and might eventually become a family heirloom. We have gathered three of the best kitchen tables for you to check out.


Figured Ambrosia Sycamore Dining Table


According to its maker, this piece makes a serious statement. This one of a kind handmade kitchen table measures an average of 46 in width and is 10 feet long. It is 30 inches high and has matching 5 3/4 square legs that has live edge. Carefully made with rare sycamore with ambrosia, which is 1/4 sawn and spalting figure overall including its legs.

The Figured Ambrosia Sycamore Dining Table has a reverse book with matching two (2) board top balances and a nice natural edge. After a long sanding process, it is meticulously brushed to achieve a sleek finish with the use of white china bristle brushes. Definitely a worthy investment in terms of durability and functionality.

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Figured Live Edge Rare Spalted Maple Dining Table



The Figured Live Edge Rare Spalted Maple Dining Table is crafted almost the same as the Figured Ambrosia Sycamore Dining Table; however, this handmade kitchen table has tapered legs. It is made of spalted maple that has a fine texture and grain pattern. Maple’s light tone makes it easier for stain colors to stand out. However, this attribute makes it appropriate for dark stains.

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Borneo Compact Dining Table


The Borneo Compact Dining Table comes with two (2) chairs. This eco-friendly handmade kitchen table is made from natural wicker rattan that is strong and light. It is a stunner with sustainable rattan frame combined with intricate rattan weaving. It comes in a dark brown color and fully assembled for your convenience. This is definitely a great set that you will enjoy for a long time.

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Whether you are having a meal alone or with your family, you should always consider comfort and style. It will really make a difference once you add the right kind of dining tables in your kitchen area. The look, style, and size are all important factors that you want to look into.
The options are endless when choosing handcrafted furniture. Custom made tables offer choices like leg sizes, styles, and fabric options. Almost every small detail is left open for clients to fill with their own unique design. Do not be afraid to make your piece unique and always try to get that creative juices flowing. You can always ask your craftsman for recommendations so that you will pick a table that will satisfy your needs.

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