4 Must Have Handmade Dining Room Tables

Do you look forward to dinner with your family? Some of the best memories can be made at the dinner table. The dining table is a must in every home,. It is the spot for gathering friends and family. If you are looking to purchase one, choose a long lasting table.

A good dining table must be strong and well-crafted. It is important to consider that it must be capable of seating people of different shapes and sizes. It is quite an expensive investment especially if you opt for a hand-crafted table that costs more. There are a lot of handmade dining room tables out there, and you will need to take your time in searching which among them are the best.

There are so many dining tables to choose from, and most online shops offer great discounts and deals. They also have a variety of designs so that you can find the perfect dining tables and sets. If you seek a more contemporary table, there are many options to fit your needs. A round glass top table gives that chic and open feel in a dining area. Dining tables that are usually sold in sets are available in different shapes and sizes to fit every family’s needs. Here are five suggestions that you might want to consider.

Washington Executive Handmade Contemporary Dining Table


This is an excellent dining table made from wood that is reclaimed. The Washington Executive Handmade Contemporary Dining Table underwent a sanding process and thoroughly rubbed to bring out its grain. The finishing is smooth and is sealed by polyurethane for spill resistance. It is a standout among other handmade dining room tables. It provides an easy surface to work on, which is absolutely durable. It has a cosmopolitan center stripe that is available in multiple colors. This provides a sleek look, and its combination with reclaimed wood offers a contrast in texture and color. The wood inlay provides material variation and added durability and strength. The Measurement of the base is 4 x 4 and comes in steel construction or barn wood. The look is finished with a bolted frame design that has a classic clean look.

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Barn Wood Dining Table with Industrial Steel


The Barn Wood Dining Table with Industrial Steel is crafted from pieces of salvaged wood that is carefully selected. The reclaimed barn wood that is used aged for over 150 years. All products of Chicago-Land Shop are built by artisan craftsmen that specializes in handmade dining room tables. The table top is individually supported by pipe legs that are industrial. Each piece comes out uniquely because of the aged wood’s appearance. It is available in custom finishes and sizes and colors such as clear matte, maple, rustic gray, dark walnut and driftwood.

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Metropolitan Collection Contemporary Dining Table


The Metropolitan Collection Contemporary Dining Table is made of zinc and reclaimed charred wood. Tables are designed and handmade in Georgia where the company has a welding shop, metal fabrication, wood shop, and finishing area. Our artisans build custom and heirloom pieces. No two pieces are alike. Its surface is smooth to touch, and it has that industrial urban accent to it. The Zinc top is imprinted with a custom made design of wood accents and geometric patterns. It also has reclaimed wood base. Each design is unique because each piece is handmade. The finished product is indeed a work of art with its custom furnishings.  The wood used is made from oak and heart pine.

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The Franklyn Colorful Dining Table


The Franklyn Colorful Dining Table is a sturdy table built from reclaimed strips of hardwood that is hand painted, sanded, and rubbed to reveal the grain. The top is then finished smooth and is polyurethane sealed to resist spills and provide a durable easy care working surface. It is available in multiple colors that provides a smooth visual contrast in both texture and color. It underwent Industrial steel edging that provides material and tonal variation. This also adds to its durability. The base of the table base is (4×4) steel construction or (4×4) barn wood leg. Its design is also incorporated with a bolted frame to provide stability and a classic sleek look.

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Mass produced furniture may be low-cost and convenient, but the quality is being lost in the process. Local craftsmen are more careful creating the smallest details in each piece. From the frame to the edges, there won’t be any detail overlooked. There is always something satisfying in creating furniture that would satisfy the client’s taste.

It is always better to spend your money on handmade dining room tables instead of mass produced. When your money goes to a local furniture manufacturer or a local craftsman, a larger share of their revenue is recycled back to the local economy. While enriching your home with handcrafted and beautifully made local furniture, you are also helping enrich the local economy.

Furniture that is handcrafted is made with a more thought and care. You can always guarantee that every piece of furniture you will obtain was made ethically and with sustainable materials. Hard work and detail are evident in every piece This is something that you cannot have when you purchase a mass-produced piece of furniture.

Before making your decision, you have to know the pros and cons of handmade dining room tables. Well, I have already mentioned a few pros above. The best part is, there are no cons. (unless you think that weight is an issue because these babies are definitely not light.) Furniture like this last for decades.

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