APEC ROESPH75 Water Filtration System Review

The ROESPH75 water filtration system by APEC is classified as a complete reverse osmosis system that can provide you with an unlimited supply of quality drinking water. This system works to remove up to ninety-nine percent of harmful contaminants, instantly improving the water’s taste thanks to the system’s alkaline re-mineralizing filter which is said to effectively increase the water’s PH levels. There are numerous health benefits that come with drinking alkaline water, from treating common GI issues to normalizing the body’s PH levels, RO systems have never been more popular as people strive to make healthier lifestyle choices on their path to getting fit.

APEC ROESPH75 Water Filtration System Review: Specs and Features

APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Top Tier picThis system works to naturally re-add essential minerals to the water and the result is crisp fresh tasting water. The six stage filtering process increases the water’s natural PH levels, all without affecting the taste of the water. This complicated filtering process begins by filtering water through the sediment filter, which removes particles such as dust and debris. The two stages utilize a carbon block filter, which removes chlorine and other types of common chemicals found in drinking water. Stage four involves a TFC RO membrane filtration process which removes up to ninety-nine percent of such contaminants as radium, chromium, arsenic, bacteria, viruses, lead, and fluoride. The fifth stage involves a coconut shell carbon filter, which removes all remaining wastes and tastes from the water. The sixth stage increases alkalinity in the water by adding calcium by using the calcite acidic water neutralizer.

Pros and Cons

Pros: This system is easy to maintain and stall and features a large capacity block filter for longer use.  According to consumers who needed more assistance during the installation process, the customer support team was quick to respond and walk them through the entire installation process and help with any troubleshooting issues. This system can filter up to 75 GPD of water daily, making it the perfect choice for larger households.  The calcium filter gradually increases the water’s PH levels using only food grade calcium.  Easy installation and maintenance for this system are also one of its biggest selling points.

Cons: The main complaint regarding this RO system is the higher price tag when compared to other large household systems. However, for the same price, other systems do not other the extensive six stage filtering process or feature such an impressive daily water capacity.

Conclusion and Rating

Consumers looking for a high-quality reverse osmosis system should look no further. With a reputation for speed and quality, this APEC model has a lot to offer, making the high price tag definitely worth it.  Not only will you enjoy all the health benefits that come with drinking alkaline water, but you’ll also save hundreds of dollars a year that’s otherwise spent on expensive bottled water. Consumers who used this product gave it a rating of four and a half stars out of five stars, making this RO system one of our best-rated products.

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