Aqua Pure 3M Whole House Water Filtration System Review

This whole house water filtration system by 3M Aqua Pure features non-corrosive stainless steel housing, a high flow rate that provides over twenty gallons of filtered water per minutes and easy to replace filter cartridges.

Aqua Pure 3M Whole House Water Filtration System Review: Specs and Features

3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filtration System picA system that’s designed for larger homes, this 3M model comes with a mounting bracket, stainless steel housing and one filtration cartridge. Provides non-restricted water flow while preventing mineral build-up. A low maintenance system, just replace the filtration cartridge once every six months. This whole house filtration system can filter up to a hundred thousand gallons before a cartridge change is needed. According to the manufacturer, this system also works to extend the life of all other home appliances that are connected to the water line. Installation is easy, even for consumers with no prior plumbing experience. Installation requires a one inch outlet and inlet.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Changing out the filter cartridge is fast and easy, no tools required. According to consumers, the installation process is also simple.  This extra-large capacity system effectively minimizes sediment build-up, resulting in clearer, cleaner tasting water. This filtration system is able to capture rust, dirt, sediment, chlorine and other types of harmful chemicals. This model is also a great choice for well water applications. Also does an excellent job of filtering water without any noticeable pressure loss. All materials used are FDA compliant. The entire system weighs only nine pounds, making it a great choice for tight spaces.

Cons: According to consumers, this system is unable to filter coliform, however it does filter out particles that are associated with lime. Although, it is only able to capture larger particles. Because of this, pre-existing stains will often be left untreated. This system is only able to filter out particles that are five micro or larger. Keep in mind that particles that are smaller than five micro tend to accumulate just as fast as larger particles. Failing to replace the filter in a timely manner can result in drastic water pressure reduction.

Conclusion and Rating

While other systems on the market are able to filter out particles that are smaller than five micro, the 3M system still remains one of the toughest working systems on the market. This user-friendly model offers a number of installation options thanks to the small flexible design, which really allows you to get creative during the installation process. We recommend keeping a back-up filter handy and testing your water once a month in order to ensure that your system is still running up to standard. A noticeable change in water pressure can also indicate a filter change is needed. Consumers gave this system a rating of four out of five stars for easy maintenance and installation, pricing and overall quality. The system’s inability to effectively capture a wider range of particles is enough to cause some consumers to pass this model by, however, according to consumer reports, this system is able to easily handle larger home water systems with ease.

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