Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter System Review

The Full House water softener and filter system by Aquios is a salt-free system that’s an all-in-one product that filters, conditions water and eliminates scale, all without effecting water pressure. This double acting system filters and softens your water at the same time, allowing you to save some serious cash over time.

Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter System Review: Specs and Features

Aquios Full House Water Softener picWith water softening abilities, this salt-free system works to soften water without the use of salt and instead utilizes natural technology to ensure that mineral accumulation doesn’t occur. The water filtering abilities feature a carbon block filter cartridge to filter the water once it has been softened, removing chlorine, sediment and other types of undesirable minerals.

Upon purchase you’ll receive one filter cartridge that works to filter approximately forty thousand gallons of water. This system will work efficiently to change the water structure as it runs through the pipes, reducing scale build-up over time, preventing future plumbing issues.

Measuring in at 27 by 10 by 8 inches, this is one of the sleekest systems on the market, making it a great option for tight spaces.

Installation is a breeze, simply follow the included instructions, no programming required.

If you have tested your water and it has been rated on the higher end of the hard water scale, this system may not be effective in resolving your hard water issues. Often, with more serious cases, a salt-based system is recommended. Water that contains high sediment levels will require more frequent filter changes.

Pros and Cons

Pros: This product doesn’t require electricity. A multifunctioning model filters and softens water. The sleek compact design is perfect for smaller setups. This filtration system also comes with a sixty day money back guarantee and a twenty year product warranty.

Cons: You may run into issues if there is a high sediment content in your water. Many consumers feel that a salt-based filtering system can handle this job better. You’ll need to anticipate the extra cost of replacing the filter cartridges every four to six months, depending on frequency of use.

Conclusion and Rating

This product is perfect for consumers on a budget who are searching for a filter and water softening system. Because this system is not salt-based, it’s a great option for consumers who are on salt restricted diets. If your home has a hard water rating of ten or higher, you’ll need to opt for a salt-based system. The system’s multi-functioning abilities make this a great option for medium sized households. According to consumers, the Aquios can easily handle a two bathroom home. The extensive twenty year product warranty gives consumers confidence in this purchase. This is the perfect choice for the homeowner who needs a salt-free system that doesn’t require programming and maintenance. Water testing is recommended during the first year of use, in order to help determine how frequently filter changes are needed. Consumers who purchased this product gave it an impressive rating of five out of five stars, making this model our top-rated water softening system.

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